Live at a Higher Level - Hospitality counter with coffee bar

Live at a Higher Level

Your chance to live at a higher level is pre-leasing soon at Alexan Junction Heights. Reach your happiness potential with a well-appointed luxury apartment and weekends full of worthwhile community amenities. So when you’re ready to park your life on the go for the night, you have plenty of options to unwind. Live your bliss at Alexan Junction Heights.

Higher Level Bliss

Nothing beats spending time with your neighbors who are experiencing the same upscale lifestyle you are. So hang out in the stylish clubroom and relax. Because the clubroom is a multi-functional space that features lounge seating, TVs, work-from-home booths, and a pool table, the possibilities are endless for finding the entertainment you’re looking for.

Reach Your Happiness Potential

Are you already thinking about adding a new you to your new lifestyle? Then you will love working out at Alexan Junction Heights. Catch your favorite workout in the two-story state-of-the-art athletic club with the latest strength and cardio equipment and a yoga/spin studio. So burn up the miles and make your gains. You’ll be happy with the results.

Relaxing with Friends

Warmer weather begs for outdoor fun. So spend your winter looking forward to spring and hanging out at the resort-style pool. Pool features include a tanning ledge, private cabanas, and a large drop-down movie screen with a projector for in-pool movie viewing. It’s hard to have a dull weekend, even if you try.

Live at a higher level at Alexan Junction Heights. Houston’s latest luxury apartment community is pre-leasing soon, so don’t miss your chance at a better life.