City Orchard near Alexan Junction Heights - City Burger pic by Christie A. on Yelp

City Orchard near Alexan Junction Heights

Relive the thrill of finding new hangouts and upscale eats once you find a better address. Join your friends to celebrate your move at City Orchard near Alexan Junction Heights. You can enjoy a spacious floor plan and the relaxation premium apartment features and prime community amenities give. So prep for your move since Alexan Junction Heights is pre-leasing soon.

City Orchard

Experience a different pub vibe with a trip to City Orchard. In their words, “City Orchard was founded by the serendipitous meeting of three like-minded Houstonians – well, one true Houstonian and two northerners who have made Houston their adopted city for over two decades. The objective is simple; create the best ciders from the best ingredients in a welcoming environment. With family-owned farms along the shores of Lake Ontario, City Orchard taps deep into the roots of Great Lakes Apple Country. We bring the heritage of our cider culture and orchards to our favorite city. We press carefully selected apples on the farm, truck the juice to Houston, and produce traditional ciders in an urban setting – we are an orchard in the city. A little unorthodox – but this is Texas. We manage the process from tree to glass. Real Apples, Real Cider.”

Local Eats

Rae R. shares, “We had the loaded fries and the cheese board. Both of those dishes were outstanding! We also tried a flight of cider (staff picks), which were excellent. All the ciders we tried were on the dry side, perfect for pairing with food.” So upgrade your expectations for a good time when you live at Alexan Junction Heights.

Upscale Fun

What will make it to your adventure list once you move to Alexan Junction Heights? Do you love upscale food, exciting entertainment, or shopping opportunities you can’t find elsewhere? Of course, you don’t have to leave your luxury community to experience a memorable weekend when you live here. You’re going to love it here.

Enjoy City Orchard near Alexan Junction Heights once you move towards high-end living. Alexan Junction Heights is pre-leasing soon, so don’t miss out.